Permission Based Email Marketing

Email is still a commonly overlooked marketing tactic even in today’s online marketing savvy world.

The Media Brokers Ltd offer specialised permission based email marketing. Unsolicited email is, of course, called spam. Sending spam is guaranteed to ruin any legitimate organization’s reputation. Rule number one of becoming an intelligent email marketer is to not send unsolicited email.

Permission based email marketing, on the other hand, is used effectively everyday by hundreds of thousands of organizations to build the value of their brands, increase sales, and strengthen the relationships they have with their clients and subscribers. The key difference, of course, is that these senders are only sending messages to recipients who have requested to receive them.

We can guide and provide permission email databases that you can target to sell your goods and services or new registered users you can look to add to your in house list.

The Media Brokers Email marketing services include

  • Email permission lists NZ (3rd party lists)
    We can give you a quote of accurate target numbers and prices per record. And manage campaigns that will only target your demographic audience.
  • Email In House lists
    Targeting additional good sized NZ niche lists not commonly advertised.
  • Best Practice Email Communication
    The Media brokers can advise you on the best practice approach to communicate with your customers via email or manage it for you.
  • Email Management Design & Management
    Template design using white labelled robust International class systems for confident email communication.
  • Email Acquisition
    We help you grow your list via multiple methods.

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