Search Engine Advertising

Using Google Adwords or Yahoo Pay Per Click advertising text ads are one of the most effective fastest and measurable ways of promoting your products or services online.

  • Having already searched for your product or service, these people click through as potential customers and not just browsers. This makes this form of online advertising one of the most powerful and exciting.
  • We can help you support your new website build ,with instant qualified traffic , help you achieve the number one position in your industry, turn your campaigns up when you want to drive sales and  promote offers ,and  help you maintain your online presence and protect your market share.
  • Our Pay-Per-Click campaigns offer you genuine transparency, allowing you to measure success and results so you can maximize ROI.
  • We can get you up and advertising online, rapidly, and have your campaign live in a very short turnaround time.

We recommend Google Analytics as an easily adopted and widely accepted tracking system.

We can track your PPC activity based on a variety of metrics including Cost-Per-Click (CPC), Cost-Per-Acquisition (CPA), and Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS).

  • A typical campaign would involve keyword research competitor analysis campaign set up and ad group development and measurement code landing page development and design.
  • Ask us for a quote for your next PPC campaign.

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